Friday, 11 January 2013

Cops on the Farm

Recently a group of Traffic Police Officer came to visit our farm. I asked them to pull some tapiocas and sweet potatoes so that they can bring some of this vegetables home to share with their family and friends. We were very happy to have Kampong Style lunch together, collecting vegetables, visiting goat pen and chicken coop and last but not least Dinner at Warung Harga Patut Pak Aziz. Thank you for your visits officer! (Salute)

Sjn. Zaiton, Inspektor Firdaus and Koperal Yuz in action

Male cops try to pull the tapioca. hehe how is it sir? Not as easy as riding Superbike ah?

Lifting the tapioca, as if they were lifting the injured road users

Giving the chicken some kitchen left over

We are very lucky because Pak Azizi always provides our chicken with his "warung" left over

The boss with his goat

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