Friday, 11 January 2013

Back to school

Last week school season started in Malaysia. All my children were already back to school leaving me and my husband doing our activity on the farm. Titi already in secondary school and registered in Kwang Hua secondary school, Meme back to SMKA Kuala Selangor, Adik Azim starts his practical training in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim Sungai Petani and Abang Qhayyum as a third semester student  In KSKB Sungai Buloh. My best friend's daughter, Jihah, who transit to our house during school day already in primary one in SRJK(C) Taman Rashna. May Allah bless all of them. Amin...

My nephew, Alif and Cik Dee also start a new day this week. Both of them got a very good offer from  an electronics manufacturer company in Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah... It's good for both of them. I owed both of them so much for working so hard on our farm. Beginning from this weekend, look a like me and my husband will be travelling alone along the 300 km North - South Highway
Jihah in her full uniform

Titi : Kwang Hua secondary school student

My hostel life. Meme with her friends

On the first day of school, parents will usually provide their children with food.
Therefore the children share their food at the hostel

Practical training in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim Sungai Petani

I cannot correct the position of this picture. I think he was teaching children to wash their hands

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