Thursday, 20 December 2012

Small freshwater fish market in Sauk

Sauk is a small village nearby Lenggong town where my husband always goes for his favourite fresh water fish. Last weekend I have a chance to follow him to buy his favourite freshwater fish from a friend who owns a small stall at Sauk village. Even though I was introduced to fresh water fish two decades ago (since my marriage to my husband) but  I don’t really like freshwater fish, maybe because I came from a village which situated near the ocean where our main diet was ocean fish. Contrary to that I really like fresh waterprawn; to me it’s really delicious and tasty with no strong smell.  
 If you happen to come to Lenggong you may go to Restaurant Tasek Rabban where a lot of freshwater fish dishes to choose. For non Muslim, a lot of Chinese Restaurant sales freshwater fish dishes including the famous “Saito”

common freshwater fish

two plastic begs full of fish

varse variety of freshwater fish

freshwater prawn, my favourite

Big Bro, the taukey


Hidayah Salim said...

oh udang! surga dunia....

rasimah abdul rahman said...

hehehe sama lah kita sis hidayah..


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