Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Precious Goat

This year I manage to sell a few of my buck during Eid El Adha celebrations. Beside bull, buck is a favourite animal for scarifications. I can’t remember exact figure I have sold, but as far as I know, now, I only have two bucks in my pen. The return was very good and the nice part of it, people around Lenggong begin to reorganize us as a small goat herder who offers a healthy and clean medium size goat with an affordable prize to everybody (hehe nice adds)
Since I don’t have a good sire now, I plan to buy a good Boer buck soon, but looking at my financial situation now, I have to keep my dream for another year.

good sire, but I can't keep him, he has too many offspring in my pen

Nice and healthy buck. Three of them were sold

Sold. I miss their fight 

Clean and healthy

Buck with black head already sold

Buck with black colour at the back was also sold

I think this one stay hehe


Hidayah Salim said...

wah gemok gemuklah kambing puan nie....paling tak tahan renungan matanya tu hish menggoda hik hik...

Nor Azlina Yusof said...

salam sis. suka baca blog akak. tak bercadang nk buat homestay ka?orh bandar blh dtg bercuti n exp jadi petani n peladang.tourist mesti suka gak.good la ya buat sis n suami

rasimah abdul rahman said...

salam Hidayah,
hahaha hebat juga hidayah ni boleh menafsirkan renungan sang kambing. boleh jadi penternak berjaya ni..

rasimah abdul rahman said...

salam and tq sis azlina,
buat masa ni belum lah lagi nak buat home stay, tapi kalau nak datng kat cabin saya yg x seberapa ni boleh lah bersempit2... maklumlah petani kecil2an kan, budget pun ciput je.. tapi manalah tahu suatu hari nnti ada rezeki, insyallah.. amin...


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